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😊 Infant & Toddler Health is my passion!

Hi! Some of you know me may know me as Shay.Β 

My mission is to help families live a healthier lifestyle through early eating (infant-5 years old) which will create healthier children and adults who are able to overcome obesity and heart disease.

My first book, "I See Me in the ABCs: Exploring the world of fruits and veggies through the alphabet" uses lifelike, colors and plenty of visual fun to teach our children the different fruits and vegetables.

I am a Mom of two, wife, CEO children's book author, and I was looking for a book to help show my daughters the many fruits and vegetables of the world. I've read a lot and seen many ABC books but none that represented the African American population. I just couldn't find a book that showed and said what I wanted to say.Β 

So I wrote it!

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    My class had a great experience listening to the story and engaging with Shardae. She asked open ended questions and allowed them to share freely. My class and I really enjoyed her visit.

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    Engaging with diverse audiences, I embody the spirit of my brand with enthusiasm and authenticity.

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Healthy Habits start at home

Mothers and fathers play a crucial role in shaping their children's dietary preferences and levels of physical activity. Research revealed a noteworthy correlation, indicating that children were markedly more inclined to consume fruits and vegetables when encouraged by their mothers. Additionally, both parents exerted a substantial positive influence when motivating their children to engage in physical activities.

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  • Book Reviews

    My great niece Demi loves ❀️ this book. She's has made everyone in the house read with her. This book has helped her tremendously with her alphabets, she even enjoys eating as she says funnny vegetables πŸ˜„. I am definitely going to purchase the tablet. Love what you're doing Shardae

  • Learned So Much!

    I enjoyed reading the book first with my husband. Everything about the book was beautiful. We even learned some new fruit/veggie names. I was so excited to introduce it to my preschool students who also loved it.

  • Awesome Book

    I am so impressed by this book with all the not so typical fruits and vegetables. It’s gives my 3-year-old toddler the opportunity to learn beyond the regular scope. She loves all the pictures with bright colors and the names. I can tell she will definitely have me reading this book at bedtime more than a few times a week!

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